Castle Island

Quad Copter footage of Fort Independence, Castle Island – Boston MA

This video offers a unique perspective to Castle Island that most do not get to see.  From the ground, you cannot see the top of the structure and can only glimpse the cannons.  With the quadcopter we were able to get very detail video footage of that normally unseen area.  Fort Independence is located on Castle Isalnd, which sits on the shore of Boston Harbor.  If you find yourself in Boston, it is worth a stop.  It is free to visit, there is free parking available, they have a concession stand, and there is plenty of room to put down a blanket and have a picnic.

There are certain days where you are allowed to enter the center section.  The day we visited it was not open.  It would have been easier to navigate and get better arial footage if we could have controlled the quad copter from the center.  Although, I do not know if we would have been allowed to do so.  So, I figured to go ahead and shoot the video while I walked around the outside of the structure.  Some lag in the video is due to this.

Also to note, this is pretty close to the airport and the software in my DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus was height restricted due to that.