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Nick Powers

During the week I'm a Security Engineer at Staples. In my spare time I author and support the development of several WordPress plugins.

Social Author Bio WordPress Plugin adds an author bio box with the author’s avatar with built-in and custom social icons on pages/posts. It is the most configurable author bio box available for WordPress!

New features in version 2.4 (available now)
  • Fully integrated Google+ authorship (shows Google+ Avatar in search results)
Google Plus Author

Example of Google Plus Author integration in action

  • Added custom field (check box) on edit screen providing the ability to disable of author box on individual pages/posts
  • New shortcode [social_bio_icons] which displays only the Social Icons
Social Icons

Example of new shortcode

  • Ability to adjust avatar size
  • Choice of location, top or bottom, for automatic placement of Social Author Bio
  • Number of custom links increased from 5 to 10
  • Added %home% (The home URL) variable to advanced HTML section

Social Author Bio

Admins can control the following options from the settings menu

  • Complete control over HTML that produces the Social Author Bio
  • Complete control over CSS that styles the Social Author Bio
  • Create new custom Links/Icons
  • Can Enable/disable built in and custom social icons site wide
  • Can enable/disable Social Author Bio display on Pages, Posts, and/or shortcode.
  • Set Which role to start using Social Author Bio (defaults to Contributor)
  • Set what prefix to display before user’s name.
Users can control the following options from their profile page
  • Enable/disable Social Author Bio for their profile
  • Choice of website icon (WordPress, Blogger, or website)
  • Enable/disable the built in or custom social icons on their profile
  • Configure each social icon’s user, username, id, etc
  • Use shortcode [social-bio] in pages/posts
  • Use shortcode [social-bio id=xxx] where xxx is a user id to display

If enabled by Admin & Author Social Author Bio WordPress Plugin is displayed automatically on post/pages.

If enabled by Admin, Authors can use the [social-bio] shortcode in posts/pages.
The shortcode can be used even if the Author disables Social Author Bio in their profile.
This allows the Author to tag selected posts with their Social Author Bio.

If you have any questions or suggestions for Social Author Bio WordPress Plugin, feel free to send me an email.