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Social Author Bio WordPress plugin – FAQ
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Social Author Bio WordPres plugin FAQ
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Social Author Bio WordPress plugin questionI have a multi-author blog entry, both of them have user profiles. I have tried the [social-bio id=xxx], but it will only show one author, is there a way that i can add social bios for two or more authors?
Yes, first make sure shortcode is enabled in the general section of the Social Author Bio Admin menu.

After that just add one shortcode per author something like this:

[social-bio id=1]


[social-bio id=2]

That would show a bio box for user with ID 1 and another for user with ID 2.  You can display as many as you want.

Social Author Bio WordPress plugin questionHow can I add the Social Author Bio box directly into my theme?
Add code like below to your theme template files:

[?php echo do_shortcode('[social-bio]'); ?]

(Replace the []’s with normal html greater/less than signs)

Social Author Bio WordPress plugin questionCan I get get just the Social Author Icons into my Plugin / Theme?
Yes, since v2.1 you can use the following code to retrieve the Social Icons (Images with links)

$icons = apply_filters('social_author_icons', $ID);

where $ID is the ID of the user whos Social Icons you want to display